I Believe in Sherlock Holmes

Just a teenage girl, that has turned her second blog into everything to do with Sherlock, and mostly Benedict Cumberbatch. I ship Johnlock.

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You’ve never been the most l u m i n o u s of people,
but as a conductor of light you are unbeatable.

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sick of your shit john

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John realising what Sherlock just did for him.

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John Watson according to character tropes: season 3 

Sherlock Holmes: (x

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Sherlock giving himself hickeys for a case/science then John comes back home and asks him what the hell happened that he looks like that and Sherlock just chuckles and says “you should see the other guy” because he thinks he’s funny but John gets so upset says he forgot something in the surgery and leaves in a huff and Sherlock’s just like wtf was that


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Benedict Cumberbatch posing for the crowd before they had to turn off all cameras. (x)

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